Our Mission

To provide the best medical care to all patients who come to us for relief and comfort. This will be provided regardless of race, religious affiliation, or financial status. The curing of an ailment will occasionally be possible, relief of pain is usually possible and comfort should always be possible. We should strive for gentleness and families who come to this office should have a sense of caring and fairness in the relationships engendered with us.

Akron Pediatric Surgical Associates brings together the experience of Dr. David Andrews, since 1990, and Dr. Timothy P. Pittinger, since 1999, to provide a high level of care for all who enter our practice. We are available 24/7 for emergency and urgent surgical referrals for general pediatric surgery pediatric trauma, and adult and pediatric burns. Additionally we offer same-day appointments for any patient needing a pediatric surgery referral.