Post Surgical Instructions

When do I need to make the follow-up appointment?

The surgeon will want to see your child 14-21 days after surgery unless otherwise instructed. If an appointment was not given when surgery was scheduled please call the office within 48 hours after the surgery to enable your child to be seen within the time period requested. 

When should I call the office with concerns?

  1. Fever of 101F or higher
  2. If there are signs of infection, redness, swelling, drainage or warmth at incision site
  3. Bleeding from incision
  4. If child's pain is worsening or not relieved by pain medication
  5. If child has continuous vomiting, or it is green
  6. If there are any other concerns or questions

What will the incision look like?

Some swelling or bruising may occur after surgery. This is normal and should begin to go away in a few days. The area may be tender to the touch. If you notice redness, draining, or warmth to the area, or if your child has a fever greater than 101 degrees, contact our office.

What kind of diet may my child have after surgery?

Anesthesia affects everyone differently. If your child is experiencing nausea or vomiting, liquids such as tea or jello are usually well tolerated. A diet of soft, bland foods such as soup, cereal, or mashed potatoes may be offered. Avoid spicy foods. This should only be necessary the first 24 hours. If this continues past 24 hours, please contact our office.

What can I give my child for pain and how long should pain last?

In general, pain should not be severe. Most post-operative pain should be controlled with your childs normal dose of Tylenol. However, the surgeon will decide what pain medication is appropriate for your child and will discuss with you. If a narcotic is recommended, you will receive a prescription and directions on the use during the post-operative phase.  Rest and quiet activities may be helpful as well. 

What kind of activity can my child participate in after surgery?

In general, quiet activity is recommended for the first 24 hours following surgery. Most children will limit their activity if they do not feel well. No contact sports, gym, or swimming until cleared by the surgeon at your post-operative appointment. Be sure to ask your doctor for specific activity instructions and return to school or daycare instructions. If a written excuse is needed, we will provide this at your post-operative appointment.

How soon can my child have a bath?

Keep the incision dry for the first 24 hours (sponge bath only) then shower or tub as allowed. 

How soon can the dressing/steri-strips be removed?

Allow the steri-strips to fall off on their own. This can take up to two weeks.